User flows done right.

Pixelic is the most practical way to create, document, and collaborate with user flows.


It's too hard to see the forest through the trees. It can be very hard to see the big picture and how things hang together.

Marty Cagan, Inspired

Introducing Pixelic.

People are inspired by stories and visuals, not hundreds of backlog items. It's way too hard to bring everyone on the same page without telling a great, visual story.

Introducing Pixelic — the first user flow app that lets you create user flows and keep track of all of your design assets and organize them to maintain the latest version of your product at all times.


User flows done in seconds, not hours.

Don't spend hours on creating user flows. Focus on the content instead.


Turn static designs into compelling stories

Connect static designs together and create a sequential user flow to visualize your product to your team.

Maintaining the latest design of your product is effortless and automated.

Pixelic supports bi-directional updates between your design repository and user flows, so you don't have to lift a finger to keep track of and maintain your product design.

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Create user flows directly from your design repository

Instead of having to upload new designs every time, organize and manage your design repository right here, alongside user flows.

Features that empower you to do more.

Visual commenting

Create visual comments directly on your designs. Make communication clearer.

Version history

Capture every version of your user flows and design assets. Branch out if necessary.

Sketch/Figma integration

Export designs directly from Sketch.

Boards & collaboration

Choose which design assets and user flows are linked to your tasks. Tag developers to build what you designed.


Capture all of your product knowledge in one place — without ever having to actually document things. Pixelic keeps track of your work, automatically.

Unified search

Find what you're looking for with natural keywords and filter by dates, owner, and more.

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