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Visually comment on graphic design and UI screens. Organize files effortlessly. Share with your stakeholders.


Feedback by Pixelic

Where creatives are at the center of collaboration.


Directly Comment On Your Design

Highlight specific areas of the image to leave a comment. Get your stakeholders on the same page.

Organize Your Projects

Easily find and manage different designs and image files to add, edit, or delete feedback comments.


Simple Version Control for Design

No more renaming files, no more storing each version separately. We keep each iterations as a version so you don't have to!

How it works

Giving design feedback is easy as three clicks.

Upload a design file

Upload or drag & drop your design file(s) onto your workspace.

Click & Drag to Leave Comment

Highlight specific areas of the design to leave a comment on what you think.

Share with stakeholders

It's time to showcase your design. You can copy & paste or click "Share Link" button on the top right to share with your co-workers and clients. Have them repeat from step #2.

Upcoming Features on Pixelic.

We will be releasing these features as soon as possible.

Organize Your Work & Tasks

Manage your creative workflow and team by efficiently organizing work, assign tasks, and set dates.

Powerful Version Control

No more renaming files, storing each version, and stashing through old files looking for the previous design.

Seamless Email Integration

Your co-workers can use email to collaborate with you.

Your Favorite Apps, Connected.

Add your favorite tools and services like Slack, Sketch, and JIRA.

Design Asset Management

Manage all your assets in one place. Upload, download, and share anytime, anywhere.

Audio Feedback

Are words truly enough to express your creativity?!

You're in great company.

Overall, terrific idea and promising product.
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Roberto Ayala - Chief Design Officer at The Query Company

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