Design feedback via Slack integration

Design feedback via Slack integration

Design Feedback via Slack Integration

March 23, 2020 — We released our Slack integration that allows Pixelic users to sync Slack comments with Pixelic comments. Members can now use Slack thread to give direct feedback for a design update on Pixelic. Members who have Pixelic accounts can also share updates directly to a Slack channel.

Here's our detailed improvements and updates for this release:

Slack integration

  • Ability to sign up and sign in with Slack
  • Support for comment links
  • Allow Slack members to see their profile picture and display name on Pixelic
  • Improved security for Slack integration

Annotation & comment

  • Annotation numbering
  • Improved UI for annotated comment box
  • Better readability - When hovering over an annotation, highlight the connected comment on the right panel
  • Better readability - when hovering over a comment, the comment is highlighted
  • When a member clicks a comment, gray-out the rest
  • Display comment order in numbers (1, 2, 3,...)

Where are our team members currently?

Since our team is working 100% remotely and always on the move, we wanted to update our community members where our team is currently in.

SJ - Naju, South Korea

Bia - Seoul, South Korea

Chris - Chicago, USA

Arthur - Seoul, South Korea