Connected Space for Product Teams

Build design repositories and connect them to engineering tasks — all in one space. product demo.png

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Innovative Product Teams at

Built for the product people, by the product people.

Keep your team synced at all times

Chasing after the latest design, engineering, and stakeholder updates can be tedious. Let syncs be automatic so you could focus on the more important stuff.

Manage your product state

Manage the state of your product on one screen. See the bigger picture. Visualize your product so you could effectively plan your roadmap.

Take fewer meetings to do more.

Meetings, meetings, meetings. We reduce the need for most meetings by letting stakeholders self-serve the most up-to-date information about your product.

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Pixelic connects nicely with your favorite apps.

Export Sketch images and pull in the latest Jira tickets. Get automatic updates on Slack.

Rally the team around single source of truth.

One screen that does it all.

UIs. Issues and Tasks. Specs. All on one screen.

If you update it here, it updates there.

Bi-directional sync allows you to keep dependencies up to date through our open integration.

Make your product visible to all stakeholders.

No more running around the company to align everyone to the same page.

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Plan your product with a bigger picture.

Do you know what your product looks like?

Visually manage your product representation and structure.

Map out your product by specs, features and more.

Intuitively decide on what's missing to your product.

Keep everyone in the loop.

"Is this the latest UI version?"

Does your developer ask this question often? Pixelic brings the most current version automatically by integrating with Sketch and Figma.

Don't let your team wait around until you are available.

Let them get what they need to do work via Pixelic.

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Systematically designed to orchestrate
product teams effortlessly

Pixelic helps product teams to collaborate better and organize what to build next.


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