Fastest way to close in on design feedback loops

Pixelic lets you manage design process via Slack.

Share & Capture Design Feedback Instantly

Integrates with FigmaFigma and Slack

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Visually add comments

Highlight specific areas of the
design to leave a comment.

Collect design feedback using Slack

Enable your team to give feedback directly from Slack by connecting with Pixelic.

Export directly from Figma

Pixelic is your design repository for
everything you produce on Figma.

Organize design versions & track decisions

Keep track of all design changes and store every
communication behind each decision.

Manage all your design in one place.

Import designs directly from Figma.

Document changes and track decisions
all the way at the component-level.

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Features that Empower You

Design-driven Development

Putting design and experience at the center is a much better way to deliver products people love.

Lightning Fast Product

Blazingly quick interactions allow you to focus on what matters more.

Intuitive Interface

Only see what you need to see — and put everything else out of the way.

Seamless integration

Pixelic integrates with Figma, Slack, Jira, and more.

Built for Teams

Product is rarely a solo-thing, Pixelic is built with multiple players in mind.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on giving the best possible service and support for our customers.

Ship Products People Love, Together.