Collaborate on UX

Design-first product platform that integrates with Figma and Slack

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That's one less
design meeting to take.

Clubhouse for Figma users to collaborate on design feedback, design task, version control, and system of record.


Visually add comments

Highlight specific areas of the
design to leave a comment.

Collect design feedback using Slack

Enable your team to give feedback directly from Slack by connecting with Pixelic.

Export directly from Figma

Pixelic is your design repository for
everything you produce on Figma.

Source of truth for all your FigmaFigma files

Give your Figma frames and pages a home where you can sync, organize, and collaborate.

Give feedback without leaving Slack

Nobody wants to learn new tools. We support advanced integrations so you can collect every Slack conversation in Pixelic.

Synchronize all communication between Slack and Pixelic.

Directly share designs to a Slack channel to start discussing with your team.

slack 2-way sync.gif

Convert feedback into trackable tasks with one click

Save time by turning feedback into action items without leaving your comment page.

Track and assign design tasks. Easily collaborate with teams.

Integrates with Jira so that engineers are always in-sync.

Keep your context alive when doing tasks by having designs right next to them.

Organize design versions & track decisions

Keep track of all design changes and chain of history behind each design.

Manage all your design in one place.

Keep things organized with everything in-sync.

Track changes and decisions even at the component-level.


Collaborate together as one team

Product is a team effort. Bring all your team members together on the same page.

Features you'll enjoy using.

Lightning fast navigation

Quick interactions allow you to focus on what matters more.

Beautiful interface

Only see what you need to see — and put everything else out of the way.

There's a shortcut for everything

We designed the best keyboard shortcuts for efficiency-driven product teams.

Seamless integration

Two-way syncs with Figma, Jira, and Slack.

Built for teams

Products are rarely built solo. Built with multiple players in mind.

Encrypted, private, secure.

Your data security and privacy matters. A lot.

Ship Products People Love, Together.